Yidu Sails 100PCS Thermal Laminating Film

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Laminating film is made from PET film as substrate, evenly coated with EVA and specially treated to form premium sheet packaging material. It is mainly used for the storage and protection of various pieces of materials, such as photo portrait, graffiti drawing, certifications, plant specimens, certificate tags, study cards, photographic works, sketch paintings, advertising documents, literary and historical materials, pictures, permits, business licenses, precious letters, securities, passes, menus and so on. The advantage of Laminating film is: moisture proof, dustproof, fade-proof, facilitate long-term preservation.  it will be well reserved against worm corrosion with high transparency.


Name: Laminating Pouch

Film Size: 4R-(110x160mm-80mic)/A4-(220x310mm-80mic)

Package: 100pcs/box

Thickness: 80

Suitable size: 54x86mm

Material: PET+PE+EVA

Processing Type: Multiple Extrusion

Usage: ID card, driver's license, work card, photo, business card, menu, etc.

Type: Glossy

Color: Transparent

Corner: Round



1) Three Layers, Super Adhesion

2)Flat, No warp corners


4)High Transparency