Solar Raindrops Light 7M LED String Lights

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Product Detail:

 Let Your Home Be Attention Grabbing - Solar strings lights are just what you need to make your home get the attention of admirers this festive season. Whether it is for a festive or romantic mood, or just to bring a cheerful feel to your home, these solar string lights are the best pick for you. 

Make Night Time Look Like Day Time - This string light is solar powered. They will charge during the day and light up your outdoor space at night. You can use hues of warm white/white/multicolor light to beautify your surroundings This solar string lights outdoor have an inbuilt sensor that switches on at night and switches off the light at dawn. 

Operate Without Stress - Only two switches of on/off button and bi-mode button are all you need to operate this, solar strings light warm white. You don’t need to be tech savvy to be able to operate this solar flood lights.

Environmentally Friendly and Low Maintenance - The entire unit which includes the mounting spike, solar panel, and led lights on a string is environment-friendly and requires low maintenance. Perfect for inclement weather and you don't need to remove the lights when it rains.


Name: Solar Light String

Light color: warm white

Number of LEDs: 50leds

Wire length: 7m

Bulb size: about 7.5cm

Material: Plastic

Switch: ON/OFF, MODE

Charging/ Working Time: 6-8 / 8-12 hours

Battery: 1.2V 800MA

Solar panel: 2V 300MA

Life Time: about 50,000 hours

Working mode: always on bright + flashing


Product Installation Instructions:

  1. Open the box, remove all accessories;
  2. Connect two stand together;
  3. Take out the solar panel, Find the slot you want to install;
  4. Then Insert the stent within the slot;
  5. Adjust the angle, tighten screws, Tear off the protective film on the solar panel.


Press the ON / OFF button to turn it on, and it will usually work. You can also change the flash mode by the MODE button.


Package included:

1 x Solar bulb light string

1 x Solar Panel

1 x Ground Spike