Senda 3.5mm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Tripod Stand

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1. Gold plated capacitor head, highly responsive and excellent sound quality, achieve clear sound pickup effect.
2. The professional design of windproof cotton and shock absorber effectively eliminates noise, making it more stable and reliable in use and clearer sound quality.
3. Using professional microphone core can effectively restore the voice without losing, and the sound effect is good.
4. This microphone can be used on any sound card, whether you are an independent sound card or an integrated sound card, it can produce beautiful sound effects.
5. The 3.5mm stereo cable is suitable for most PCs and laptops, and is ideal for excellent vocal recording.
6. The microphone is fixed on a tripod, the inclination can be adjusted freely, easy to operate.
7. This stereo microphone is suitable for online singing, video conference, chat and other occasions.

Item type: Condenser Microphone with Stand
Color: white, gold, black (Optional)
Sensitivity: -55dB ± 2dB
Directionality: omnidirectional impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
Sensitivity range: within 3dB at 1V Current: 2mA
Working voltage: 1.5V
Frequency response: 50Hz-16KHz
Signal to noise ratio:> 36dB
Line length: 2.0m